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Click here to view photos from the San Jose 2014 event!

Congratulations to the lucky winners of our 2014 raffle drawing!

The winning tickets were drawn at ESFNA's Closing Night Ceremony on Saturday July 5th, 2014.

1st Prize Winner

2014 FIAT 500L

Ticket #: 04818

2nd Prize Winner


Ticket #: 10245

3rd Prize Winner


Ticket #: 01943

If you possess any one of these winning ticket numbers, please contact Yared Negash as soon as possible.

Yared Negash

Yared Negash

Secretary (San Jose, CA)

Phone: 408-645-0359

Please note the following:

  1. Winner will be responsible for tax and shipping charges.
  2. Round trip tickets can be scheduled from airports which Ethiopian Airlines operates out of in North America.
  3. Hotel accomodations will be made in one of the hotels that ESFNA will book for its guests.

    Recent Articles

    As has been customary, ESFNA board members are gearing up to convene during the Columbus Day weekend at the Greenbelt, Marriott Hotel in Maryland for the purpose of conducting important discussions and elections.

    The meeting will start promptly on Saturday morning, 10/11/2014. Following roll call and announcement of agenda items,  the schedule of events will include, amongst other agenda item; visits of possible venues for ESFNA's 2015 event (discussions on the pros and cons of the venues observed), reports by each Executive Committee member reflecting their department's accomplishments and challenges', report by a representative of the San Jose Organizing Committee and ELECTIONS.

    The key executive positions up for election this year are listed below with each of the current executive members' eligible for re-election should they wish to add their names to the list of nominees and if seconded by board members: 

    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Finance chairman

    ESFNA board members and stakeholders remain highly appreciative of the monumental responsibilities that lie ahead and wish the upcoming meeting much success and productivity in moving ESFNA forward!

    ESFNA Recognizes Ato Girma Zewdie aka "Quas Fidelu"

    09/12/2014, 12:00pm PDT
    By ESFNA


    A special ESFNA award and recognition event took place on Friday August 15th, 2014. The purpose of the event was to recognize the contributions of Ato Girma Zewdie to Ethiopian Soccer and his legacy in Ethiopian soccer history and folklore in the early 60's and 70's. He is probably one of the last of the surviving institution of football players that helped develop the game during its early introduction to Ethiopia. He is more commonly and affectionately known by his nickname Quas Fidelu which translates to "Football is his Alphabet". As evident in his nickname his immense passion for the game and the countless hours he spent sharpening his skills as a young boy sneaking time away from school and chores undoubtedly earned him his nickname.

    Quas Fidelu's technical abilities included supreme display of talent using both feet. What made him more unique though was his ability to play with his left foot also which during his era was a skill-set that was very rare. Almost all football aficionados who are 50 years old or above have heard his name growing up because as young boys many would envision their skills to the icon even if they had never seen him play. Those lucky enough to have seen him play or play against him in the 60’s and 70’s on the Rotary Club Field in Addis Ababa (just opposite the current Sheraton Hotel location and where the who’s who of the best in Addis played) were witnesses to his elite dribbling and ball juggling skills. In fact, he would participate in many-a-town-parade showing off his juggling skills leaving spectators open-mouthed in awe.

    The award ceremony was organized in partnership with Yisakal Entertainment at the Kaleb Hotel in Addis Ababa and witnessed by several members of the media. Ato Girma, who was accompanied by his wife, son and friends felt elated, grateful and speechless upon knowing that he was the recipient of $60,000 birr which he never expected. Ato Girma was also presented with a personalized trophy and an ESFNA hat by ESFNA Secretary, Yared Negash.

    ESFNA would like to thank Sheger FM radio hosts (Seifu and Tadele) as well as sports journalist Genenew Mekuria, Seid Kedir, Tibebu from Fana Radio, Endalk and Maheder in locating Ato Girma and or their coverage of the event. Ato Girma currently works as a guard at a mechanic shop and lives very modestly in a one room dwelling with his wife and three kids. ESFNA invites soccer loving Ethiopians across the world, who may have known or heard about this soccer legend to make a contribution.


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