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    Abel Dessalegn

    Remembering Abel Dessalegn

    11/17/2014, 9:00am PST
    By Samson Mulugeta

    ESFNA mourns the loss of a beloved player, Abel Dessalegn.

    Abel grew up with his grandparents in Ethiopia and after he finished middle school he joined his mother in the U.S. He finished high school & graduated from UMD. He was very active in the Ethiopian Student Union while he was in college. He played soccer growing up in Ethiopian and played in every school he attended as well as in ESFNA tournaments for at least 15 years representing the DC EthioStars. He was loved by his family and his friends for his positive and respectful attitude. He was always cheerful when he played soccer on the field or on the bench.

    He will be missed....May God Rest his Soul!

    ESFNA Remembers Tessema Dosho Shiferraw

    10/24/2014, 9:00am PDT
    By Samson Mulugeta

    ESFNA expresses its condolences due to the passing of the Dosho Designs Founder and community leader.

    Ato Tessema was a major sponsor of ESFNA clubs (the San Francisco Walias and LA Stars)  for many years and ESFNA in 2006. All those that met him or had a working relationship with his company are deeply grateful of the support; recognize his contributions and imprint on society as the founder of Dosho Designs and as the honorable individual that he was.

    May he Rest In Peace!

    ESFNA Family


    About Ato Tessema:

    Ato Tessema's story is of the American dream come true.  Shifferaw's father was a general in the army of the late Emperor Haile Selassie in Ethiopia. A socialist revolution overthrew the emperor and stripped Shifferaw's family of nearly everything it owned. He came to America at age 17 with just $500 in his pocket and supported himself working as a cab driver.

    While working on a student project at San Francisco City College, Dosho came up with the idea for the Bowflex exercise machine. He patented the concept and attempted to license the idea to fitness equipment manufacturers. Lacking vision, they all declined. He then wrote a business plan with help from the MBDA, and started marketing the product directly to consumers in the early 1980s. He led his company to a successful IPO, forming a public company called Direct Focus, Inc. (DFXI) with a market cap of over $1 billion. Millions of Bowflex units have been sold in the United State and abroad, and the brand is now owned and marketed by The Nautilus Group (NYSE:NLS). Dosho has 14 patents and 4 pending patents worldwide.

    About DDI:

    Dosho Design provides unique and innovative fitness products that are easy to use, fun, and effective at an affordable price. The company was founded by Dosho Shifferaw, the inventor of the revolutionary Bowflex, a highly successful and patented power rod resistance training system.

    Dosho Design’s products are focused on making quick workouts worthwhile and efficient for people of all ages and fitness levels. The company designs and markets several products that offer cardiovascular, strength training, and core body workout. These products can be used at home, fitness centers, health clubs, and schools. Dosho Design is a privately held company located in Albany, CA. 

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